Monday, December 31, 2007

The Gospel According to The Simpsons

I don't have tons to say about this book; it was rather interesting; the best thing about it is, at lest for a Simpsons fan, that reading this book is often like watching an episode. Pinsky highlights some very hilarious moments with America's favorite animated family. The main objective of the book, I believe, is to point out the religiosity of the show. More than that, Pinsky wants to give The Simpsons credit for more or less honestly and acurately representing religious America. That is, the general views, feelings, and opinions about faith in the US.

The reader is given a behind the scenes look at Simpsons writers, their religious backgrounds and perspectives and their desire to be honest and integritous. I was especially impressed by what I learned concerning the writing in episodes focusing on Krusty the Clown's Jewish roots. Nothing is sacred on The Simpsons, and Pinsky makes no apologies for that; instead he points out things the show does, in this regard as well as in regard to various other sociocultural happenings in North America, that no other show has been able to do. Like I said, overall this is an interesting book that caused me to laugh out loud -- loud enough to get some strange looks in the library.

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christine said...

I love this blog. I just found out about it and I definitely trust your book reviews. Keep it up!