Sunday, December 30, 2007

Real Sex

I'm beginning to be a big fan of Lauren Winner in general, from her books to her articles to her lectures. This is a fun one! From the title alone, you can get a glimpse of Winner's wit and ability to engage her reader. Take a quick look at some of her chapter titles:

1. Unchaste Confessions:
Or Why We Need Another Book about Sex

Part One: Talking About Sex
2. Real Sex:
Creation, Scripture, and the Case for Sex in Marriage
3. Communal Sex:
Or, Why Your Neighbor Has Any Business Asking You What You Did Last Night
4. Straight Talk I:
Lies Our Culture Tells about Sex
5. Straight Talk II:
Lies the Church Tells about Sex

In part two Winner gets practical and talks about the discipline of chaste living and what that looks like both on the individual and communal level. She gives some examples from her own life of the difficulties and the benefits of this discipline, which I appreciate -- it's another way she reaches her reader.
Chapters three through five are my favorites. I think the content in these chapters is what separates this book from other Christian books on chastity. Winner talks about community in relation to sex in a way that I haven't seen before, and she gives her reader the tools necessary for discovering the song of sex as a part of the immense beauty which emenates from the heartstrings of God by blocking the constant noise put out by our culture and Christian subculture.


valerie said...

You're so sexy when you talk about chastity and postmodernism in the same blog.

Gracie said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I enjoyed this book a lot...gave me a lot of new insights that I've never heard of.